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Paragon - the free to play thats not free to play


About a week ago I got an email inviting me to play the new MOBA from Epic Games - Paragon. I was all excited about this and ready to dive right in. I was even going to do a live stream of my play session so that I could talk about the game as I played it. I don’t usually play MOBAs and I was excited about this one, but my excitement was short lived. Paragon is the only free-to-play game that I know of, which forces you to have a SUBSCRIPTION in the form of Founders Packs before letting you get past the login screen

If you head on over to the game page for Paragon on the PlayStation Store https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/games/paragon-ps4/ you will be greeted by a well put together, hype inducing series of short descriptions about Epic Games newest offering, a free-to-play MOBA, a game that I had intended on reviewing. I was even going to do a live stream session of the game so that I could share my immediate thoughts verbally as I played the game. So you can imagine my disappointment when I fired up the stream, only to find that you had to purchase a Founders Pack from the PlayStation Store, before you could even get past the login screen. I assumed that it would be a free purchase - this is a free-to-play game right? Wrong, the cheapest pack costs £15.99, rising up to £79.99 for the master pack.This is a total load of nonsense, especially since the game was advertised as free to play on twitter

The advertisement on twitter saying that Paragon is free to play

There is nothing else to say here really, I am pretty darn annoyed. I know you have to pay because I even tried linking my PSN to the game via http://paragon.com and when I attempted to sign in within the game, it wouldn’t let me past the login page. In fact, the game signed me in but then told me I couldn’t play because I hadn’t purchased the Founders Pack. Seriously, Epic Games ….. You can’t have a free-to-play that forces players to purchase something before they can play. There is a model for that kind of thing, its called SUBSCRIPTION but its is not free-to-play!I am honestly not willing to pay £15.99 for a game is meant to be free to play. Maybe if they ever decide to remove the ridiculous pay restriction, I might do a proper review of this game but until then - they have just lost someone who would most likely have praise and share the game!