Jays Grand Adventure

One mans adventures through CyberSpace

Welcome to Jays Grand Adventure

Jays Grand Adventure is the culmination of my continued efforts to document my life’ journey and explore the mysteries of my undiscovered self through the medium of CyberSpace ….

Where did the adventure begin?

It all started way back in the day with a then little known social media site - MySpace. I was a seventeen year old antsy teenager who didn’t want to wait for anything! Life was way too slow and I was way ahead of the crowd - or so I though and I wanted everyone to know it. So when I stumbled across MySpace, while exploring our newly connected home internet; it seemed like a dream come true and my love affair with CyberSpace was born

I have used various different social media sites since then ranging from author-centric content stores dedicated to serving up high quality user created content, to Twitter and Facebook and most recently Blogger and Google+ but despite enjoying my time with each and every one, they all felt like they were missing that little something - that buzz of excitement - that satisfied feeling of accomplishment that you get from rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty doing it for yourself

So this is it! This is my baby and I would like to personally invite you all to join me on my Grand Adventure!
Where does the adventure go next?
The adventure isn’t over yet! you can visit my other social media profiles, read my published works and of course continue to explore the Grand Adventure

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To those who don't know me, it may seem like I alternate between extremes - shy and reserved - loud and fiery but take the time to truly know me and you will find that I have the heart of an artist and a bohemians soul

I have been on Facebook for a while now and tend to use it as a way of keeping in touch with family members that I don’t see very often or friends from over seas and you can find me there under the name http://www.facebook.com/jasongtelford

Why not head on over there and see who we have in common?
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Why should we live with such hurry and waste of life for it is only when we are unhurried and wise do we realise that only great and worthy things have any permanency in this world

I have been on Google+ for several years now and I mostly use it for sharing with my friends, exploring my interests and keeping in touch with everyone. I can be found on Google+ under the name https://plus.google.com/+JasonTelfordsAdventure

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We all need to have a good rant sometimes and Blogger is my sounding board - its where I put all my unordered thoughts before they become my next big idea

Articles, reviews and random blurbs - my profile about games, gamers and rpg gaming. Whatever you are looking for you might just find it there as my Blogger is an archive of my past exploits and can be found under the name of http://jayscyberadventure.com

Head on over there and discover a whole new part of the adventure!