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I am a gamer, social blogger, adventurer and technophile with an enthusiastic passion for good food, good company and good times and I would like to welcome you to my adventure ….

This is me!

So you’re a gamer? I get asked that question a lot and fair-dos - I don’t exactly look like the kind of guy that you’d find on a journey to save a princess but yes, I’m a gamer! In fact you can check out some of my past live streams here.

Actually I should probably just come clean at this point and admit that I am a bit (or a lot) of a technophile. When I am not killing templars in assassins creed or hunting down demons in dragon age, I can often be found neck deep in the blogosphere discussing the merits of our latest offerings of techy-goodness or teaching one of my friends or family a new social media trick

I’ve wrote a few articles thats been published online too about setting up the PS4 Camera and a really cool little game called Never Alone and its sister game Never Alone FoxTales, which I was officially invited to review on launch day. As well as reviews of the PS4 console and Assassins Creed Unity. So if you are looking for a down to earth guy who likes good company, good food and good tech - then you are in the right place and that means there’s only thing left to say

Party on dudes!
Published articles and favourite stuff
I write about anything and everything that takes my interest but the selections below are some of my best writings that I have published to Google+. You will also find some of my favourite stuff from around the web

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Netflix - The best online streaming service for movies and TV
Anime Parade - The newest and best anime community on Google+

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