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About Anime Parade

Welcome to Anime Parade! We are the newest anime community on Google+. Anime Parade was formed to spread the message that anime is not just for kids and to encourage more adults and young people to take an interest in and watch anime. A lot of people grew up watching stuff like Toonami but anime has a different visual style, usually follows story arcs and can have adult themes that vary wildly - making it more edgy.

Combine that with the fact that anime comes from a completely unique and foreign culture, that is very different from what we have in the west and it is not at all surprising that people tend to be drawn to anime in their droves.

Here at Anime Parade we believe that anime is a medium - an art form; in the same way that books, theatre and cinema are all forms of art and we believe passionately that our preferred medium is not just for children. We have a strong belief that anime; just like the previously mentioned forms of art, can and should be enjoyed by people of all ages, without discrimination or ridicule and to that end Anime Parade is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for anime lovers of all ages!

Its Not Just About Anime

Anime Parade is not just about anime. There are people from all over the world who have joined our community to share their love of a multitude of art-forms. If you don’t like anime but have an interest in any of these topics, then you will be more than welcome in our community


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Fan Fiction

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Anime Parade News
Do you enjoy Anime Parade? Want to keep up to date with all the important news from Anime Parade? Then you are just going to love this! below you will find the latest, most important news for the Anime Parade Community and Page

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Anime Parade Is Looking for Junior Moderators
If you are interested in becoming a Moderator for the Anime Parade community and you are between the ages of 13 and 15, love anime and enjoy helping people then you might be just who we are looking for! Junior Moderators will be able to do the following

1: Approve posts marked as spam by the community spam filter
2: Post in the Moderator Zone
3: Post in the Announcements category
4: Remove spam posts from the community
5: Use Anime Parade Staff as your signature on community posts

You will also be giving access to the Anime Parade Staff Support group - a Google Group specially for Anime Parade Staff where you will be able to get help and support from our senior mods, owners and page managers. You will also be able to ban and remove members from the Anime Parade community after asking one of our senior moderators

if you are interested in becoming a Junior Moderator for Anime Parade then click this link to head on over to the community post and register you interest now! to discover all the benefits of becoming a Junior Moderator with Anime Parade today!
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Anime Parade is Looking for a volunteer Page Manager
Are you interested in helping Anime Parade to reach a wider audience? Do you want to help spread our message of tolerance and acceptance of anime as a form of art? Then you might just be the person we need!

We are currently advertising for a page manager for the Anime Parade page and as a page manager you will be able to do the following

1: Post on Google+ using the Anime Parade brand page
2: Get access to the Anime Parade Staff Support Group
3: Get joint owner status of the Anime Parade community via the Anime Parade page

As you will be representing the official Anime Parade brand page on Google+ there are several requirements you must fulfil before you can become a page manager for Anime Parade. The most basic of these are

1: You must be at least 16 by 20 March 2016
2: You must have a Google+ profile and public posts
3: You must have experience of managing a brand page or owning or moderating a community other than Anime Parade
4: You must be able to post quality content that is not just copied from the internet
5: You must be able to reply to questions and comments about Anime Parade in a calm professional manner
6: You must complete an application form and be prepared to provide links to supporting evidence

Application forms for page managers are now available by going to if you would like to apply to be a page manager for Anime Parade then you must use the form found at the link above. If you are having trouble using the application form then leave a comment on this post in the announcements category making sure to +mention Jason Telford or Anime Parade and I will get back to you as soon as possible