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Posting in the right category?

The anime parade community is separated into several different categories. To help you post into the right category we have put together this list of all the categories that can be found within the Anime Parade community and what goes in them ….
Introduce Yourself: This category is for new members to introduce themselves to the community or for existing members who have been away for a while to reintroduce themselves. If you have more than one profile in this community (for example a personal profile and a role-play profile) you will need to introduce both, making sure to put a link to each profile in both introductions

Anime: You can post everything related to anime in this category; including, pictures, videos, news and polls. You can also post about the anime you like to watch as well as all other anime related stuff - except discussions or anime music videos as there is specific categories for these

Manga: You can post everything related to manga in this category; including, manga scans, news and polls. You can also post about the manga that you like to read as well as all other manga related stuff - except discussions

Anime / Manga Quotes This is where you will place all your quotes. They can be direct quotes from an anime or manga or they can be your own quotes or sayings put together with an anime or manga related background. When posting a direct quote you must say where it comes from and which character said it. When using your own you must try to make it relivent to the background you use.
Discussions / Text Chat: If you want to have a discussion - this is where you post! The discussion doesn’t have to be about anime or manga but SPAM is not allowed. Naked links are not accepted and will not be tolerated in this category. If you post a naked link in this category your post will be considered SPAM. You can also have chats with each other in this category - arrange a meet up for example

Cosplay: Post all your cosplay pictures here. You can also post other peoples cosplay pictures that you have found on Google+ as long as you include the following in your post. h/t [replace with Google+ Name] as a way of giving credit to the original poster. You can also post about the cosplay events that you have been to in this category

Cartoons: Any animated content that does not fall into the anime or manga categories will go here. Examples of cartoons are Bugs Bunny, Loony Toons, Cat and Dog etc. If you are not sure whether or not your post belongs in this category - post it here anyway and ask one of our staff to look at it

Anime Music: This category is for posting music to the community. You can post the following into this category; anime music videos, nightcore / nightstep, JPOP, KPOP and all other anime related music. You can also post regular music to this category as long as you don’t SPAM the community.

Fan Art: This is where all of your Fan Art goes. Fan Art is defined as - “Artworks created by fans of a fiction (generally visual media) such as manga, anime, movies and television shows or video games”

Fan Fiction: Post all of your fan fiction into this category. Fan fiction is defined as - “Fiction written by a fan of and usually featuring characters from a particular anime. movie, manga, television series or video game”

Drawing Competitions: This is an experimental category! Post your own drawings and do battle against other artists to see which drawing is the best. You can post any drawing you want to enter into the competition as long as you drew it. The current winner is the drawing with the most +1s. This is an open competition with no end date - winners will change over time as more people +1 and enter drawings. Drawings entered into this category must include the hashtag #apdrawingcomp

Questions: If you have questions about anime or manga or cosplay or anything relating this this community, post them here! You can also post polls in this category

RolePlay: You can use this category for role-playing or posting role-play requests. Role-play is defined as - “The acting out or performance of a particular role or pretending to be a particular character; either from an anime or manga, or one which you have made up yourself”. When posting role-play requests to this category you must post the description of the character, what you are looking for and a description of the scene you want to use as the start of the role-play.

Staff Only Categories
The following two categories are only for Anime Parade staff to use. Any post placed into either of these two categories by members who are not moderators, owners or page managers will be considered SPAM

Moderator Zone: Only moderators, owners and page managers are allowed to post into this category! You can use this category to make community related posts such as warning posts to members who have violated the community rules or responses to questions posted by members. All posts made to this category must include the hashtag #animeparademodzone

Announcements: Only moderators, owners and page managers are allowed to post into this category! You can use this category to make community announcements such as announcing changes to the community. All posts made to this category must include the hashtag #animeparadeannouncements