Poetry I like

I really like English Literature and I especially like this excerpt from the tale of the spider and the fly

English is a rich and varied language that lends itself well to great literature. This excerpt is from a nursery rhyme that tells the tale of the spider and the fly.  It is one of my favourite pieces that I quote often Continue reading “Poetry I like”

My life as a media addict

I am an addict, but not in the way you might think – I am a media addict and after watching a excellent, heartfelt YouTube video, from somebody I admire – I thought I would talk about my life as a media addict

I want to start off by apologizing.  This is likely to be long and not very well written because; to be honest, it is a difficult topic to talk about.  I will probably come back to this at some point and write a better article but after watching an excellently eloquent and heartfelt video by Extra Credits, I just wanted to get this out there as a sort of me too moment. Continue reading “My life as a media addict”

Virgin Media – Mobile Phones: Are they really a good deal?

logo for virgin media

So virgin media is offering its customers cheap mobile phone deals via the EE network.  A lot of people might be tempted to go with these deals – especially if you are in need of a new mobile phone.  The glossy brochures that they are sending out look attractive and the phones in the pictures look so realist that you could almost reach out and lift it off the page. Continue reading “Virgin Media – Mobile Phones: Are they really a good deal?”

Have you watched Orphen?


Series Orphen Banner

Six years ago at the magic school known as the Tower of Fang, a grave accident happened involving the magical sword Baltanders and the magic user Azali. Unable to control the sword’s power, Azali was transformed into the shape of a great dragon who since that day became known as Bloody August. Krilancelo, a young magician at the Tower who cared greatly for Azali found much to his disgust that the elders of the Tower of Fang were less than willing to save Azali and wanted rather to pretend the accident never happened. Angered by their stand, Krilanceloa swore that he would find a way to return Azali to her former self. Thus he forsook the name Krilancelo and declared himself Orphen, leaving the Tower and his magical studies behind to wander the world…

Continue reading “Have you watched Orphen?”