The wheels on the bus

Going to work on a bus full of school kids sure is interesting

There is one good thing about getting the bus to work every morning, you get to hear lots of gossip and when that gossip is coming from a whole load of school kids, its never boring

You hear everything from loud complaints about how they had to go to bed at 10pm to over the top whispers about who their favourite teacher is and even loud excited babbling about what they are going to do after school.

I have just heard a boy and a girl talking loudly about how they can’t wait to get to school this morning because they have double PE as their first lesson.

I was like really – these kids are actually excited about going to school!  In all my time I have never actually heard a teenager who really wanted to go to school

Remarkable, truly remarkable and I only hope that they are not alone because even if they are only excited about having PE, that excitement has getting them up in the morning

The world could do with more kids like them, then maybe it’d be a better place

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